2018 Boat Storage & Winterization

Although there’s a few good weeks of boating weather left, and fall can be one of the most picturesque times of year to cruise the lake, we have to begin thinking about the winterization and storage of your boat. After all, nobody wants to be left out in the cold. Depending on the kind of boat you own the right time to pull the boat out and prep it for winter can vary so we’ve made a quick guide to help you know when to get yours out by. It’s important to note there’s much more to properly preparing your boat for winter this is just meant as a quick guide for new boaters or those thinking about becoming a boat owner who wish to know more about general ownership.

Winterizing Different Types of Engines:

  • Inboard (direct drive/v-drive)- In the Kawartha’s, most direct/ v-drive boats are wakeboard/ surf/ ski boats. Since the engine is on-board the vessel and engines on these boats are typically large V-8’s, allot of water is in the engine block, and if not winterized the block can freeze and crack ultimately destroying the engine. Additionally, these boats usually have water ballast systems which can hold water after the boat is pulled out of the water and freeze and crack, destroying pumps & water lines. It’s important that both the engine and ballast systems are drained and winterized properly to ensure no damage comes to your boat.
  • Inboard/Outboard (I/O)- For those who don’t know I/O’s are engines with a car-like engine block in the boat itself, with a drive unit coming out of the transom. Very similar to inboards, I/O’s hold water in the engine block and can crack if water is not drained and anti-freezing measures are not taken. It’s crucial that these boats get pulled out of the water and winterized before any cold weather comes to ensure no engine-block cracking occurs.
  • Outboards- Outboard motors are the least susceptible to freezing because water can be drained from them simply by pulling them out of the water and leaving the motor straight up-and-down (trimmed all the way down). This is why you may see outboard powered boats very early and late in the season.

All marine engines should get the proper care and maintenance the require before/ during the boats winterization such as: fuel stabilizing, engine fogging and oil level checks.

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