Crest Pontoons

Read on to learn why you should consider Crest as your next pontoon boat.


Crest Pontoons – TC Marine

At Town & Country Marine we strive to deliver the best in each segment to our family of boaters. We also aim to provide the best selection to our customers. This is why in January of 2019, we partnered with Crest Pontoons to further diversify our already strong line of pontoon boats. For over 55 years Crest has been manufacturing some of the best pontoons in the industry and is now the fastest growing pontoon brand in the world. At a glance Crest's unique styling and edgy appearance make them an attractive option for all boaters whether it's a family day boat for water sports, a dual-helm cruiser for you and your mate or a fishing vessel to take to your favourite spot, Crest covers all the bases. With a wide variety of floor-plans and tons of accessories & add-ons, Crest Pontoons allow you to truly customize your pontoon boat to something that is truly yours. At it's core, Crest is known to "overbuild" their boats -- not in a bad way of course. Every model is composed of often the thickest and most heavy duty components of any manufacturer on the market, making them among the safest, most durable and reliable pontoons available today. Anything from a 20 foot fishing pontoon to a 27 foot twin-engine luxury powerhouse, Crest makes a boat that contends with the best in each segment.  Check out our 2019 collection of Crest Pontoons below! 

Why Crest?

Pontoons have come along way since the days of the two-tube with low horse-power that was only capable of taking a leisurely cruise or acting as an extension of your dock for lounging. Today, pontoons have become so much more. The addition of the third pontoon of course has changed everything. The third pontoon does many things including stabilize the ride, improve handling, increase speed and size. Crest offers performance pontoons throughout their model line. For entry level models, Crest offers the CPT performance package which is essentially 3 pontoons of the same measurement with lifting strakes. One thing that stands out about this package is many competitors use partial centre-tubes or 'shorty-tubes' to replicate the benefit of the centre tube but with the shorter tube, the water hitting the propeller is disturbed from the flow of water leaving the bottom of the shorter centre tube. This leads to more splash, lower transom HP rating and an increased chance of propeller cavitation (prop spinning mix of air and surface water and not getting maximum thrust) , especially while turning.

Moving up in the model line (Crest Classic & up), Crest offers the CP3 , which is 3 full length pontoons with the center tube being 26" while the left and right tubes being 25". This is hugely beneficial for the actual performance of the pontoon as it gives the boat an axis to bank through turns on, very similar to how a v-hull runabout boat turns. Additionally, the CP3 package features larger lifting strakes on the centre pontoon, increasing lift from the greatest running surface area resulting in quick planing, better handling and superior ride.

For those looking for just the traditional 2-log platform Crest offers them with an extruded keel coming standard- something very few other manufacturers do. You can also opt for the CP2 which has lifting strakes to give the boat better planing and a bit more speed but maintains the light weight and simplicity of a 2-log boat.