Financial Freedom On The Water

We Work for YOU, Not the Lenders

Town & Country SMART Financing Solutions

Buying a vessel from Town & Country Marine has never been more easy with In-House Financing.

Victoria Fulton, our certified Financial Services Manager, will work with you to tailor the best loan with flexible terms & conditions on your behalf. You will no longer have to go to your own banking institution to negotiable loans which are secured against your house, with variable interest rates.

We work with all major lenders directly with their marine divisions to negotiable low fixed interest rates, longer amortization periods (12 months - 240 months), and completely open loans to pay down at your ease.

Boating can fit any budget, we will work with you to ensure your family will get on the water sooner!

Here are some advantages to financing in-house with Town & Country Marine:


    The down payment is based on the age, type and price of the boat you are buying, as well as your own credit profile.


    Because we are working with professionals in the marine industry, those lenders understand boats and their buyers. You can apply for a loan this morning and be boating this afternoon.


    Our marine lenders recognize the value of a well-maintained boat, so terms generally will be more attractive than those offered by local banks and credit unions.


    Because our marine lenders can extend longer terms on boat loans than local banks and credit unions, your monthly payments are likely to be much lower than you would have expected.


    You have the satisfaction of knowing that all financed loans are completely open, with no penalties for increased payments or full payouts.


    There is no collateral considered only your purchased toy, so your investments and assets are secure.


    Marine lending specialists will allow you to finance optional equipment, electronics, extended service plans and life/disability insurance coverage with your purchase.


    They have access to extended warranty programs that can be included in your financing.

All information is kept secure and confidential and normally approvals are generated in a few hours.

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Your Line of Credit to Pay for Your Vessel

Interest rates fluctuate with prime which can result in variable payments

Unknown interest and unknown terms

Lines of Credit are designed for Emergencies and Investment Opportunities

Don’t get caught without a backup plan

Many Lines of Credit are secured by your Home: Credit Providers consider this a second mortgage

Default of payment for any reason allows the bank to repossess your home

Lines of Credit were designed as Interest Only Loans

Interest only payments result in long term liabilities without assets

Your Credit Line is a Demand Note

Your bank has the right to demand payment in full, at their discretion, at any time, with or without cause. If you do not have the cash to pay off your line they will use their “Right of Offset” 

Our Full Service Finance Team represents all Major Banks and can negotiate the Best Terms and Conditions on your Behalf

Fixed term open loans save you money and allow you to trade-up sooner