Power Wedge 3 | Available on All Malibu & Axis Boats

Power Wedge 3 | Hydrofoil Wake Enhancement

Another Malibu Boats patent that’s changed the way we wake. The Power Wedge 3 is a hydraulically actuated hydrofoil plate extending just over 16 inches from the transom of the boat which can be adjusted up or down to change the shape of wakes & waves right in front of your eyes. The further down the Power Wedge 3 is extended the longer and more ramp-like the riding surface becomes. Conversely, the further the wedge is brought up, the higher and more vertical the wave will be. With 7 overall settings in between the highest and lowest, it’s easy to dial-in the perfect wake or wave that’s right for you. For wakeboarders, the Power Wedge 3 is a powerful tool because it allows you to add a little more lip to the wake for added air or the ability to keep your jumps low with a wider landing on the opposite wake for dialing-in new tricks with more forgiveness. When Power Wedge 3 is deployed it effectively simulates 1,500 pounds of weight displacement, making your wake even larger and depending on preference, allows you to ride with less ballast weight for beginners 

In addition to wake enhancement, Power Wedge 3 also has a Lift feature which makes the Wedge extend all the way down and inverts to deflect water flow downward, simulating 500 pounds of upward thrust. This helps a fully weighted boat get on plane allot more quickly and prevents excessive fuel consumption and unnecessary engine strain. The lift feature automatically engages when the boat detects you’re struggling to get on plane, then shifts back to its set position once speed set has been reached

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