6 Reasons Fall is the Best Season to Buy a Boat

(and why we're telling you)

Pick Your Path

To custom order or to not custom order? THAT'S the question. We have incentives from our suppliers to 'Pre-Sell' 2020 units for next season so you can get the latest and greatest for near Boat Show level pricing. We also have HUGE dealer incentives to clear out our remaining 2019 inventory boats and accessories so you can get the absolute BEST price of the year.


While we're receiving 2020 inventory in the fall months to sell over the winter and next season, we still have aggressively priced 2019 inventory. This means you can see 19's & 20's side-by-side and decide whether to custom-order, grab a hot deal on a 2019 while they last or maybe one of our used boats will suit you. There's really not a bad option!

Guaranteed Spring Delivery

May 24? No Problem. Buy now and be first on the list for 2020 boat delivery! Whether you custom order or pick up one of our remaining 2019's, buying in the fall gives you first choice on when you'd like your boat next spring. If you custom order, the boat will be built and shipped before the snow's gone!

Better Trade-In Value

Whether you've got a 1999 or a 2019 boat, next year your boat will be ONE YEAR OLDER and therefor will hold more depreciation. Buy now and lock-in your trade value without letting it depreciate any further!


If you buy in the fall and trade in a boat, we will absorb the cost of your storage & winterization on both boats. That means you can have peace of mind throughout the winter that your new boat is waiting for you and it's not costing you any money!

No Payments until Spring

There's nothing worse than paying for something that you're not using. Put a deposit on a custom order boat or one we have in inventory, and don't pay for it until you can actually use it!