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Why Harris?

Performance Package 1:

PP1  one by Harris takes pontoons to the next level! By adding a center tube to the middle for a total of 3 tubes (tri-toon) it greatly improves performance by allowing the boat to get on plane and increase top speed. It does this by adding lifting strakes on the insides of each pontoon (see red) to get on top of the water while underway. It also features full length welded keels on the pontoons for tracking and hydro-dynamics as well as a aluminum under-skin on most of the boat for a clean & quite ride.

Performance Package 2:

Take the next step into pontoon performance. The PP2 features a full-length center tube for added speed, smoothness and control for the driver and passengers. Additionally, this package’s lifting strakes run the whole length of the pontoon for even better planing and speed. Also, the aluminum under-skin extends the majority of the deck for dramatically improved speed, planing and an overall smoother and quieter ride.

Performance Package 3:

Get the absolute best in pontoon performance. With engine capacity of up to 400HP, the PP3 package features a full aluminum under-skin for a dry, smooth and fast ride, full welded keels and lifting strakes. What makes this package though is the V-Hull setup: the center tube is on an inch dropdown bracket, allowing the boat to bank into corners for superior handeling and a sporty driving experience.

Twin Engine Performance Package:

Only for twin engine boats. This package features an integrated transom motor pod and a specialized center tube that utilizes lifting strakes to mimic a V-Hull design through corners. The twin engine set up allows for Mercury Joystick technology, making getting into tight docking spaces easier than ever.

One of the many things Harris brings to the table is it’s ability to construct a highly durable pontoon at all levels of the model lineup. From single engine two-tube to dual-engine tri-toon, Harris Pontoons have the most intelligent, efficient and effective construction methods in the industry.

Full-Width Cross Members:

Harris uses Full-Width Cross Members on all of their boats. This is a great way to maximize space within the pontoon by bringing the furniture mounts and fencing all the way to the outside of the boat. Many other manufacturers will cut-cost by shortening their cross members, ultimately leaving a gap from the edge of the deck to the edge of the cross members, meaning furniture & fencing is either not as wide or not securely mounted to a cross member. This is another way Harris makes the most out of your pontoon purchase.

Full Length M-Bracket:

Harris’s patented Full Length M-Bracket is the absolute strongest and most efficient way to secure the deck to the pontoon. Many manufacturers will use segmented M-Brackets every 10-16 inches apart to attach cross members to which is ultimately the foundation for the rest of the boat. The Full-Length M-Bracket doesn’t allow for any flex or torsion to the pontoon and deck making it a stronger, safer and more reliable option.

4-Step Water Prevention:

1. Butyl rubber tape between cross-member and deck prevents water entry & provides a quitter ride from reduced wood-on-metal vibration.
2.Urethane sealant between deck seams blocks water intrusion.
3.Interlocking tongue-and-groove deck construction provides a solid seal that holds up over time. (not available on Cruiser/Sunliner)
4.Additional urethane sealant along top seams and screw caps blocks potential water penetration under flooring.

A 10-year Bow-to-Stern warranty protects all of your onboard materials and features, and a Limited Lifetime warranty covers your Harris entire structure.


Count on Harris Pontoons to constantly push what a pontoon can be. Harris is always on the cutting edge of pontoon design with industry-leading features such as tow-towers, customizable flooring options, sound system upgrades & much more, if there’s a pontoon ad-on or option out there, Harris has it. Most recently, Harris released their ‘Glass Dash’ option and Joy-Stick Piloting for twin-engine platforms.

Joystick Piloting: 

Take control of your docking. Available on twin-engine platforms, the Mercury JoyStick piloting system make both engines on the boat work together for you, allowing you to point-and-go wherever you need the boat to. Backing in to dock slips has never been easier.

Glass Dash: 

The all new Glass Dash from Harris Boats bring the pontoon into the future. All Boat controls, systems, engine data and more are at your fingertips with all-digital touch screen control. Available with cruise-control and launch-control, it’s easy to program the perfect pontoon ride by simply touching the chemically strengthened glass touch-screen.

Brunswick, the parent company of Harris Pontoon Boats stands alone at the top of the industry as largest boat manufacturing group in the world. Brunswick owns multiple industry segment leaders such as Mercury, Boston Whaler, Harris Pontoons, Bayliner, HeyDay Inboards and many more. This industry domination means more resources to put into manufacturing the perfect boat for the right purposes. In Harris’ case, that’s making the best pontoon for those who demand luxury, performance, innovation & reliability. 

Harris Pontoons in Ontario | TC Marine

Town & Country Marine is proud to say we’re the largest volume Harris Pontoon dealer in Canada! For many years we’ve carried the brand and delivered the highest quality pontoons on the market to many boaters around Peterborough, Haliburton & the Kawartha’s. 

Harris Pontoons are the first choice among many pontoon owners for numerous reasons. Paramount is there sleek design and modern styling, evident throughout the model line, from the value boats all the way up to the ultra-premium.  At Town & Country Marine we have enough experience in buying & selling pontoons to know that Harris is the real deal. We’re confident that you will feel the same after viewing one so come by our showroom and look at a Harris Pontoon today or book a boat demo to see the difference on the water. 

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