Axis Wake Boats For Sale in Lakefield, Ontario

Check out our selection of new & used Axis boats for sale in Lakefield, Ontario from Town & Country Marine.

Why Axis (All Thriller, No Filler)

In 2009 Malibu boats set a goal to create a boat brand to make water-sport boats more affordable for family’s, while offering the same industry leading performance as Malibu. Axis boats was created. Utilizing all the same wake performance DNA as Malibu, Axis serves up some of the best wakes in the industry at a much more affordable price point. Every Axis model utilizes the Wake Plus Hull and Performance Surf Package (PSP), which includes the all-new Power Wedge™ III, Surf Gate with the industry-leading Surf Band™, and Triple Hard Tank™ ballast. This platfrom not only provides you with the best performing wake boat, but the most adjustable wake to suit every rider skill, beginner to advanced. Designed, engineered and handcrafted in the USA, built by the same builders in the same Tennessee plant as the #1 tow boat manufacture in the world. Town & Country Marine has been the premier Ontario dealer for Axis boats since its creation in 2009.





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