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Why Malibu?

Every Malibu Boats model has its own intelligently engineered hull, designed to maximize wake performance and efficiently redirect water for different water sports disciplines. On smaller models, choose between the Wake Plus Hull for maximum wave size or the Diamond Hull for a well rounded ski, surf & wake boat.

2018 Malibu Integrated Surf Platform (I.S.P.) from Malibu Boats on Vimeo.

The original surf system. Malibu released surf gate in 2013 and the world of wake has never looked back. Laterally deploying hydraulic surf panels manipulate the flow of water, delaying the convergence of the boats wake. This allows the boat to be evenly weighted and driven in any direction without compromising wave shape.


Surf Gate ® | Malibu Boats from Malibu Boats on Vimeo.

Another Malibu Boats patent that changed the way we wake. This hydraulic off-set hydrofoil adds an extra 1,500 lbs of simulated ballast weight but also allows you to bend wake & wave shape to your will. Have your choice of tall and vertical or smooth and forgiving wakes and waves…and everything in between. The Auto-Lift feature on the Power Wedge allows a fully loaded Boat to plane in seconds, making it that much easier for riders to start their set. For 2019, Power Wedge 3 now offers a higher stow point, improved lift and more set-point options.


Power Wedge III | Malibu Boats from Malibu Boats on Vimeo.

4 Hard Tank Ballast Tanks work together to give you full control of your wake. A bow tank, mid-ship tank, port & starboard stern tanks all fill & drain in increments of 25%. Upgrade to Plug & Play to increase your ballast capacity by up to 1,200 lbs! New L-Shaped Ballast tanks with Hi-Flow integration allows certain models to fill regular ballast and plug & play bags simultaneously for less wait time, and more ride time.


Quad Hard-Tank™ Ballast | Malibu Boats from Malibu Boats on Vimeo.

Surf Band takes the ease-of-operation of a Malibu Boat to the next level. This bluetooth wrist remote allows you to control surf side, boat speed, Power Wedge position and tower speaker volume. No more yelling over the boat at the driver to dial in your wake/ wave, all the control is right there on your wrist.


Surf Band by Malibu Boats from Malibu Boats on Vimeo.

Everything you need at your finger tips. Malibu Boats Command Center dash was the first all-touch dash control system in the tow-boat industry. The 12-inch LED touch screen allows you to flip between cruising mode, ballast control, presets and much more. The sport dash to the left of the screen allows the driver to easily adjust wedge, surf side, speed and tunes with tactile buttons and knob while keeping their eyes on the water.


2018 Malibu Viper II Command Center (I.S.P.) from Malibu Boats on Vimeo.

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If you’re looking for the best in water sports, you’ve just found it. For many years Malibu Boats have led the industry in performance, innovations, quality and not to mention sales. Why have so many boaters, both highly experienced and new to the sport, chosen Malibu over the competition? Simply put, it’s the performance and versatility. Malibu makes a boat model that will out perform competition 

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