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Axis Boats are the top performing watersports boats in their class for wakeboarding, wake surfing and water sports. This is largely due to their innovations as a company and their unrelenting desire to push the boundries while maintaining an affordable price. See below the reason you should consider Axis as your next boat… read more

First released in 2013 by Malibu Boats, Surf Gate was the first ever dedicated surf system on the market and is still the best way to create massive wake surf waves. By fastening the hydraulic tabs vertically along the transom on the port and starboard sides, Surf Gate allows you to control what side you surf on with instant ease. Extending either of the surf gates causes the wake-convergence behind the boat to be delayed on one side resulting in the cleanest, largest and longest surf wave in it’s class. No more switching ballast or passengers back and forth to lean the boat! Just sit where you want, evenly load all ballast tanks for added wave size and let Surf Gate do the rest!

Power Wedge has long been a Malibu & Axis patent that leads the wake industry in wake & wave adjustment. Optional on all 2019 Axis Boats, Power Wedge 3 allows the driver and rider to make their wakesurf wave tall & aggressive or long & smooth.. and everything in between! The hydraulic hydro-foil hinges from the transom of the boat and drags the running surface even further into the water, creating a bigger wave by simulating 1,500 pounds of ballast and capitalizes on the thrust coming off of the prop. Adjust the Power Wedge 3 into 7 different positions for your desirable riding surface! Use the lift feature of Power Wedge 3 to create 500 pounds of upward thrust to help a fully loaded Axis Boat plane without burning unnecessary amounts of fuel and unnecessary strain on your engine.

No more yelling at the driver! With Axis Surf Band, take control of your wave while you ride. Adjust the speed of the boat by increments of .2/MPH for your ideal riding speed, control the position of Power Wedge 3 to shape your wave to your riding and watch your riding surface change in front of your eyes. Surf Gate control allows you to switch from left to right with ease and allows you to time your transfer perfectly. Use the volume control to adjust the tower speaker volume so you can surf to your favorite tune without overwhelming those on board. It’s all up to you!

All Axis boats are specifically designed to kick up the best wakes & waves possible and that starts with the hull. Axis engineers their hulls to maximize  the running surface of the boat to produce your desired wake or wave. With maximum ballast of up to 4,845 (including plug & play and power wedge), you can push the running surface down even further to create a wave that will leave you astounded. Although Axis boats are designed and manufactured for stellar wakes, they handle elegantly and with ease when you’re cruising around the lake from A-to-B. 

All thriller with no filler; that’s the Axis way. Built in the same factory with all the same industry leading wake & wave innovations as Malibu Boats, Axis Wake Research is focused on you, the rider & customer, who values the core passion of water sports. Designed to simply create the best wakes & waves in the industry without the creature-comfort luxuries of a premium tow-boat, Axis specializes in producing the wake you want with no added cost. The Axis Performance Surf Package (P.S.P) uses patented Malibu & Axis technology (Power Wedge 3, Surf Gate, Surf Band) along with intelligent hull design to give you the best bang for your buck, period. Read on to learn about these industry shattering innovations or book a demo with us (hyperlink) to see for your self. 

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Released in 2009, Axis Wake Research, a division of Malibu Boats, has been at the forefront of the wake industry, manufacturing the top performing water sports tow boats in it’s class.  Town & Country Marine is an authorized Axis Boats dealer in Ontario, servicing Peterborough & the Kawartha’s, Haliburton, Bancroft and area. 

Since it’s inception, Axis Wake Boats have remained focused on function-driven design and water sports performance. For the value, Axis boats provide the absolute best and most custom wake surf wave. In comparison to the competition, Axis consistently outperforms any boat in the value tow boat segment. With 5 models ranging from 20 to 24 feet in length, 2 different bow-style choices and countless colour and option combinations, it’s easy to make your Axis boat a reflection of your lifestyle. Axis & Malibu are one of very few companies in the boating industry able to make in-house almost-everything. From towers to trailers to upholstery nearly every part of your Axis comes from the Louden, Tennessee manufacturing plant with quality care

Axis Wake Research has far-and-away the most market share among boats in it’s class and when combined with Malibu accounts for over 35% of overall market share in the industry. With dominant performance, unmatched styling & unrivaled value it’s easy to see why families everywhere are choosing Axis over the competition. After all, numbers don’t lie. 

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