Are There 2 Boat shows in Toronto this Year? Both Boat Shows Explained

Where is the Boat Show in Toronto this year? 

Recently, we’ve been getting allot of questions about where the boat show is this year, at the Exhibition Place as usual or has it moved to the International Centre in Mississauga? In fact, there are two boat shows happening in the Greater Toronto Area this year. We just wanted to take a minute to clear the confusion and explain the differences: 

The Toronto International Boat Show 

toronto internatonal boat show

The Toronto International Boat Show has been operating for nearly 70 years and has been hosted at the Enercare Centre (100 Princes’ Ave, Toronto, ON) at Exhibition Place in recent years . If you have memories of going to ‘The Boat Show in Toronto’, you’re thinking of this one – North America’s Largest Indoor boat show showcasing anything from small fishing boats to multi-million-dollar mega-yachts. You can also count on seeing the industry’s top brands, boat builders & retailers with impressive & engaging displays. Here’s a link to an article about some of the highlights of the annual Toronto International Boat Show and what makes it special in our opinion. This 67th Toronto International Boat Show (T.I.B.S. for short) is happening this January 19th-28th at the Enercare Centre in Toronto.  T&C Marine will be representing 6 of our boat brands in 5 unique displays. Click here to learn more about T&C Marine at the 2024 show!

 The Boat Show at the International Centre 

toronto boat show international centreThere’s also “The Boat Show” at the international Centre in Mississauga happening January 11th – 14th . This is an all-new boat show where many top brands will be on display from some of the Provinces best dealerships – some of which will be at both boat shows! Due to some of the great shows we’ve seen at The International Centre in the past such as the Motorcycle Supershow, Snowmobile, ATV & Powerspots Show, Sledarama & more, there’s no doubt boaters will enjoy this exciting new boat show. Although we’re excited for boaters to have another great show, we made the decision to only attend the former. As mentioned, the longstanding boat show (TIBS) is very important to us and we anticipate this being another great year!  

For many boat lovers, the more boat shows, the better!  2024 will give you more time than ever to compare boats, prices & dealerships to find the perfect boat for you & your family.  

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