Boat Delivery DAY: Things TO KNOW & What to Expect

boat delivery day guideCongratulations boat owner! It’s time to start thinking about taking delivery of your new boat and we can’t wait to share this exciting day with you. There may be allot of things to cover depending on your level of boating experience so we thought it would be helpful to compile a list of what to expect and what to bring for your delivery day so we can make this experience the absolute best possible. Our primary goal is that you take delivery of your new boat 100% satisfied and excited but also knowledgeable about important ownership details to ensure maximized enjoyment for year’s to come! If you haven’t already ben booked in for your pickup delivery, finish reading this guide then you can complete our online booking form by CLICKING HERE or contact our delivery coordinator, Heather Breen (; 705 657 1299 ext 103). Read on to learn all you need to know regarding your boat delivery!

Licensing & Registration

  • Your boat will be registered with Transport Canada and will have your license number displayed on the side per Transport Canada’s specifications. We will provide you with your Pleasure Craft License document which needs to be kept onboard the boat at all times.
  • If you have a trailer with your boat, we will provide you with an ownership and trailer plate. Please note, if you have any outstanding traffic fines or tickets (407ETR tickets) we will be unable to complete trailer registration until they are paid.
  • Boats & trailers will be registered to the purchaser unless otherwise specified. For cash purchases, we can register the vehicle to a business/entity but will require a 3rd party authorization on your company letterhead. Contact Heather Breen for further details. 

New Boat Orientation

  • You will receive a detailed overview of your new boat on your scheduled date where we outline proper & safe operation as well as functionality of all options & features on the boat to ensure you’re satisfied.
  • Wherever possible, as much as the orientation as possible will take place at the dealership ie. in the showroom, shop or lot with a member of the sales/delivery team. This allows for a more focused orientation with fewer distractions so we can ensure you’re aware of all important features/functions. If you require an on-water orientation or we are delivering to your lake we will cover as much as possible on land before launching. That way when we’re on the water we can focus solely on the operation of the boat and help you get used to it since we’ll have already covered options & other items on land. 
  • Whenever possible, please have a maximum of 2 people with you during the orientation. This allows us to stay focused and hit all the points necessary for you to be confident with your new boat.


  • Your boat, engine & trailer (if applicable) warranties will be registered on your behalf.
  • If your boat is new, you’ll receive a package with all manuals & warranty documents which we will go over with you during your scheduled time.
  • For new boats, limited warranties for your boat, motor & trailer (if applicable) will begin on the day you take delivery
  • For pre-owned boats, your 60 day dealer warranty begins the day you take delivery.
  • There are options to extend warranty coverage on your boat, motor & trailer. Options will be presented to you at delivery but if you want more information ahead of time, please contact Heather Breen (; 705 657 1299 ext 103) 
  • We will explain what’s included and excluded in your O.E.M (original equipment manufacturer) warranty and what you need to do to ensure the service requirements for your warranty are met. 

Custom Work

  • If your boat is getting upgrades or accessories installed, please indicate this in your booking form or by contacting either Heather Breen or Haden Brundle to confirm.
  • If there’s something you’d like to add to the boat please indicate that in your booking form contact the sales/delivery team for information and pricing. Check our blog for posts on popular upgrades & accessories that could be a great fit for you and your boat!
  • Custom work and accessories can be purchased separately or with the boat, whichever is easier for you. If you’re financing we can even include these items in your payments!


  • Payment for your boat is due in full on delivery or pickup date. 
  • Please pay by bank-draft or wire-transfer for the balance owing on your boat if you haven’t already done so. We will send this to you when your date & time is confirmed along with any additional invoices or work orders that you’ve requested.
  • Financing is available on all New boats and most used boats. We work with all major banks who offer Marine financing and offer completely open-ended loans allowing pre-payment at any time with no penalty (all additional payments go directly toward the principal). This can be helpful by not tying up cash, investments or other credit sources for your boat purchase.
    • Want to start a finance application? Click here to start pre-approval process! 

Thank you for reading our ‘Delivery Day Guide!’ We hope it answered some of your questions and has you excited to take delivery of your new boat! If there’s anything we didn’t cover, please let us know and we will answer your questions ASAP. 


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